I read, the other day while at a Thai restaurant,  noshing on some amazing Pad Thai, the history of Chopsticks. In short, some guy in somewhere around 250 BC decided that since knives were a tool of violence that they should no longer be used at the dining table. Thus the birth of Chopsticks.


As I sit here and type, that little historical tidbit makes me think of schedules and planning. Me, I am a planner. Some would say that planning is a great way to do things. My response is yes it is and no it is not. Planning, or rather, “rigid planning”, robs you of spontaneity. I am easy bait for that kind of robbery. I am not the person to call out of the blue and say “Hey! Do you wanna come out and we can (fill in the blank)? the weather is nice. We will have a good time.” Because immediately I start thinking about the schedule I have made and how I did not make time for this fun activity.

Recipes are more suggestions than rules.”

Its funny how I can look at a recipe and think of it as more of a suggestion and not really a set of rules to be kept, but when I make a plan or a schedule I can’t seem to break myself from it. I HAVE to keep it. But do I really?

The answer to that is NO! If I don’t paint for leisure tomorrow, even though it may be on my schedule, the world will not end.  If I skip out on everything I have planned to do, folding laundry included, life will go on. I have to use my schedule wisely, not as a tool of violence but something that takes practice to manage…like chopsticks.

Exploration is like chopsticks, creativity…chopsticks.

So I have plans for this new week ahead. I have plans to write, to learn French, to keep up with my Telanovella (I love my Spanish Soaps) , I may or may not keep up with the 365 Days of Writing prompts, but I am deciding from here on out that these plans of mine are no longer a schedule. Schedules are no fun. From here on out I will be making Recipes for the Week! These recipes are my suggestions on the road to creative fulfillment but not rules. I will honor my quarters but I will not hold them with tight, white knuckled fist.

I don’t know about you, but I plan to have a good time…with my chopsticks 😉


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