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Creating…Plucking through the Creative Process

Creating anything can be such an exciting and rewarding thing. But when you have taken up a “mantel” to Write or produce Art, after a while you may find yourself feeling a bit jaded. Sometimes you find yourself completely submerged in a well of mechanical-ism that has stripped your art of all its soul. Sure, your audience may think you have created a masterpiece, your clients may be beyond pleased with the end result of whatever it is that you have made for them, but you somehow are far from satisfied.

View from the Steps

View from the Steps

So what do you do? For me, I sought different mediums to use in expressing my art. The problem was, I was so used to just sitting and creating, being good at my craft that when I was faced with ignorance I became frustrated. (Let me also so that I had somehow developed this unreasonable fear of ruining my art supply which didn’t help at all. ) I was partly willing to “learn” something new, but I wasn’t committed to the “process” of learning how to use my new mediums. It seemed as such a valuable waste of time.

I found that working through the process in any thing, be it creating or growing and maturing in my faith walk, was something that I was not keen on. I wanted the instant gratification. Robotically, I felt time could be much better used apart from…learning :/I was like “Lord, if you say I am patient, them just make me patient! don’t surround me with people that grate the very last half of my nerves.” It all made sense to me. The God who said, “Light, be!” and it was, surely didn’t have to make me go through some steps in maturing. He could just speak and it be done. Thing is, I am not a robot. Who knew?

The key thing that I was missing is that the “process” is what births not only appreciation, but it gives strength, and with that

view of steps

view of steps

strength comes greater creativity. Its a cycle.

When it all came down to it, me shirking off the need to face process was me breaking my own rules. When it comes to art, I am all about people using mediums and expressing with them in whatever form they choose, that is if they have learned how to “properly” use the medium in question. In other words, you have to know the rules before you can break them, and to know the rules means you have to live through the process.

The other enemy that caused me to begrudge process was the feeling of being rushed for time. If Messiah Yeshua, who has ordered my footsteps says, take time and learn the process, who am I to tell Him, “We don’t have time for this!” The reality is there is no White Rabbit screaming at me about being late. There is no rabbit hole for me to tumble down, not really. What is however is a journey filled with many steps, each holding a treasure of its own.

When my friend and I went to the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland, part of the beauty was walking up those long steps and looking over the side on our way to the top. The top was our main destination but the beauty seen from the steps made getting to the top all the more glorious. It was a process, it took time, and it was worth it.

steps up on the Cliffs of Moher

steps up on the Cliffs of Moher

So in closing, I just want to encourage you, in whatever you are doing, growing in art or growing in faith, to take your time, learn something new, dedicate yourself to the process and enjoy the view…rhyme not intended.


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