Far from Home.


The wind whipped and hauled in her ears, and pushed against the back of her neck like cold hard hands. Narrowing her eyes to nothing more than slits, she drew up her shoulders and readjusted her tweed coat around her body, pulling it tighter to her with a shudder. Her lips moved in the biting cold as she silently chastised herself for being out in this wind. Her once neat bun was now a knotted mess, that hung limply at an awkward angle at the side of her head. She was feeling a homesick mess and now looked it.

Looking upward, she saw the last wink of the sun disappear behind an angry cloud, giving way to more pushing wind. The scent of coming rain slid beneath her nose like a heady perfume. She actually loved the rain. As much as she wanted to, she couldn’t keep her chilly cheeks from rising upward with a smile.

Autumn rains in the city. She much more preferred the natural display back home in her small town, population so low no one really bothered to keep count. The school yearbooks let you know there weren’t very many folks left there. But oh how she missed home, missed the patchy yards of dirt and how the grass looked in the dim light of clouded sun and rain. How the dust danced as if the wind was its carefree lover come home, taking her up in his adoring arms.  She missed the way she would flinch as if pricked when the first cold drop of water fell upon her nose and slid down its bridge with a tickle.

She giggled out loud, being kissed by that first rain drop, and felt the tension in her shoulders relax if only a little. She was far from home so far. But oh how the rain reminded her home was never far from her.


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