What were you thinking ?!

Day 3 of my Zero to Hero Challenge.

Why did I decide to blog? I am a storyteller at heart. I cannot help but dream and imagine and write, sketch and play. I live most of the hours of my day in the secret places in my head. When I went to Europe I wanted to share that light with others, share the stardust of the dream. As I am typing this the imagery of Peter Pan comes to mind, taking the pixie dust and sprinkling it over the Darling children, telling them they can fly if they think happy thoughts. I have started to gain height, leaving the refines of gravity behind me and the only way to ascend higher into the heavens is to keep thinking happy thoughts.

The idea of this blog, sharing my thoughts, my work, my created children, bubbled in me like fizz in bottle of soda pop. When a woman first finds out that she and her spouse are about to have a child she can’t help but share the joy. She is weightless and glowing. Even though her belly may show no evidence of life, her beaming smile speaks volumes and her joy breaks out into others, uncontainable and contagious. I am “pregnant” with so many ideas, so much wonder and it is bubbling out of me and I want to share. I want others to have that joy and dream too, give birth to their own “children.”

What was I thinking when I started this blog? I was thinking, and I still am, that 2014 is going to be artistically transforming and blogging is like taking a snap shot of every second but with words!

Cheers! Soup Seekers,



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