“It just doesn’t feel the same anymore. I am not the same anymore.” Jessica stared out the window, one hand gripping the wooden frame while the other set anchored against her boney hip. It was the only thing she could do to keep from looking back at him. She loved him, he knew she did but she didn’t want him to see the fear in her eyes. It troubled her own heart gazing into her willowy reflection in the window pane. The way the blue of her eyes stood out against the whites  that had been stained red from endless crying. It was too much for her to bare, too much for her to show. Not yet. Not now.

The springs in the mattress rang in protest against Casper’s shifting weight, his feet against the floor. He twirled his hat between his hands, a nervous tick when he was unable to stay still. He tried to sit still, tried to understand, but he couldn’t. He also couldn’t make the words come forth from his tightening throat. He hated the way tears choked him. He finally let out breath of resignation. He wouldn’t keep up anymore of her time. He had already eaten so much of it, and he would not lie, he had savored every second and every minute of it. But where time had been kind to him it had ravaged Jessica, stolen her life and youth just like it had the countless others Casper had come to know. And there had been many.

So many faces, so many tones of feminine laughter rang through his head like a heavenly chorus. They were the sounds of joy, carefree, the moments he had fed upon from all the women he had called his beloved. The seesawing motion of his graying manhood ceasing and receding with each kiss he took from them. And as he gained his youth anew they had taken on his age.

Jessica pried her fist from her hip and ran it down the side of her wrinkled face. Age spots had freckled her skin in the very places Casper had kissed her. “Did you hear what I said?” She asked. Her voice had shifted from that of exhaustion to anger. “I said you need to leave! Now! I don’t want any parts of you anymore! It,” The tears had begun to choke her too, like they had choked Casper. Yes, the exchange had been made. The process was complete. Jessica felt her body move to turn but she forced herself to stare into the night. She was done dreaming. She had to wake up now. “Be gone now sweet, Casper.” She finally whispered. And with that, he was gone. The bed screamed out only once again as the youthful reflection of the man that was not before, and perhaps never should have been, disappeared into the night.


(Note: This is a free write done in 10 to 15 minutes of time, writing whatever comes to mind. What the story is is as much a surprise to me, the author, as it maybe to you, the reader. But then, even my manuscripts have much the same appeal.  Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed it.)



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