“Art is not about becoming rich. Art is about enriching the world.” ~Candice Coates

With any new adventure, one must not only explore the lay of the land, but also establish who they are before they take the first step forward. Before Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) took His journey into the wilderness (the place of new adventure) He was established by the affirming Words from Father God, that He is His Beloved Son in Who He is well pleased. (Rough paraphrasing of Matthew 3:16,17. In Matthew 4:1 He is then led into the wilderness or steps into His adventure)

Taking the time to share a blog is truly inviting others, strangers into the secret rooms of your heart that you have created or are actually exploring for the first time yourself. Its a discovery. You are inviting others to come along with you on a tour of the unexpected terrain of your thoughts.

It is a step made in vulnerability, but expressed with courage, because after all, you never know if anyone will accept your invitation in the first place, but still you press on.

So why the quote and the reference to Yeshua and the wilderness? I am a firm believer that whenever you start something new you must always remember your beginning, because if you miss a step or forget the directions you can always refer back to the beginning. This is what establishing one’s self is all about, leaving a breadcrumb back home, remembering who you are, and what your purpose is.

Yeshua, being tried in the wilderness under an oppressive hand of doubt HAD to remember the beginning in the face of His trying. Through it all, He was established in His place in God, that He is His Beloved in whom He is well pleased. It is for this reason that I have chosen to quote…myself. I, as an artist, have not come to press forward so that I can become “rich”, although I intend to sup as well. I have come to enrich and encourage others.

I am putting my creative journey in the forefront as a means to inspire someone else to create and share as well, to go and explore more than what they know, and to share that experience with others.

This blog, this invitation, is about enriching others. I most certainly have a grand expectation of finding out new things about my art, my faith, my fiction (writing). This is the soup that I have come for. But I most certainly hope and pray that those who chose to travel with me will also find themselves greatly enriched and fed as well.

I have come for the soup…


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